Welcome to On the Record with Craig Wallace

On the Record with Craig Wallace

Welcome to On the Record which is my personal website and a place for some witty rants large and small about Australia, our 21st century lives, my home city of Canberra, history and Doctor Who.

When someone suggested I think about blogging the words “indulgent”, “what will I say” and “where will I find the time’’ came to mind but finally – in a Risky Business style what the (…ffff. family audience) type mood – I was persuaded that it might be time to put a few things on the record to explain an eclectic and eccentric world view built from decades of reading, arguing with people in pubs, having managed to join and leave both major political parties in the space of a few years, having spent over a decade watching the paint peel off the walls from inside of government and then fleeing into the arms of the community.

It is in the end the combined result of having read far too many books and an eruption of desire to write something original and connect with public conversations after 15 years recycling words and writing other peoples briefs.

Australia is a great place but I think we could be even better.  We’ve dodged a few bullets but also opted for the mundane, the mediocre and a place of safety  rather than taking the big decisions and reaching for the sky. Even our progressive dialogues manage to behave in a conservative way and has become stuck in a groove or moral relativism and a reluctance to acknowledge the things we do well and embrace change.  At the other end, there are dark and gruesome forces which can only see backwards and delight in confusion and error.

In the end it is reason, passion and optimism that wins out and what could be more optimistic than Doctor Who – my lifelong obsession with this whirling, magical, multi-genre story that managed to completely reinvent itself for the 21st Century.  Always fresh, always new.  Like this site.  Hopefully.  Unless we’ve planted some virus that will deactivate your back button and leave you stuck here forever (tripping over your scarf in a recursion, like the one in Meglos).

And if anyone could design such a hideous trap it would surely be Daniel Lestarjette my blogging partner in the United States who designed this site in between moving house across the United States.

And despite the fact we have never actually met outside of Facebookland, Daniel has broadened my horizons to a world of kurning and other cool blog tools, while no doubt finding out more about disability and Australian politics than he ever needed or wanted to.  And I don’t know what the US exchange rate is but I’ve definitely got the good deal here and would recommend D.Lestarjette design to anyone, anywhere wanting a great website experience and a beautiful, clean design outcome.  I am – as some of you may have guessed – a tiny bit of a perfectionist, and happily Daniel is too, while also approaching the whole thing with a sense of fun.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something here worth reading.  Enjoy!
Craig Wallace

Craig Wallace

Craig Wallace is a marketing manager and project coordinator with Nican a national community organisation and has been a community leader with various organisations for more than a decade. He is the President of People with Disability Australia, a leading cross disability rights organisation in Australia and is a member of the ACT BLITS business group.