Don’t Dis My Nerdability

I recently came across this piece which somehow manages to include every patronising cliché in the book about disability.   http://

We live in a new era of self direction and control so it got me wondering whether we should write our own patronising articles …

Courageous Wallace making an impact as his nerdiness proves no handicap

HE was born profoundly nerdy but no disability was going to stop courageous Wallace chasing his Whovian dreams.

“I am just the same as everyone else, except everyone is vaguely frightened of me” Wallace says proudly.

Wallace, 39.9999999, will today conquer any self-doubts by lining-up to play with some Lego Daleks in the ABC Shop.

But Wallace has already won his own battle – merely by getting up and breathing.

Wallace uses a battered wheelchair to do what many of us take for granted – listen to the wheezing groaning sound of a blue box slowly fading away or the grating voices of pepperpot robot creatures from the future.

“I was born a nerd,” he said.” But I am living the same life as everyone else.

“I am no different – just the same as everyone else. Except for stairs.  And shops.  And transport. And people not paying us for work we do.  And visiting peoples houses.  And travel.  And buying clothes.  And using toilets.  Yep, just the same.

“I had my first Target novel when I was 12 months old and started hoarding when I was 11 years old.

“It is just a way of life. You have to have a good attitude, because everyone else treats you like toilet paper anyway and if you react people will treat you like a cross between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on a bad day”

“I am always having fun and not letting anyone get over the top of me. I have been (teased) but that was a long time ago and I have arranged for the people responsible to be ex-term-inat-ed”

Wallace qualified for the Nerd of the Year Awards along with 80 people that no one has ever heard of.



Craig Wallace

Craig Wallace is a marketing manager and project coordinator with Nican a national community organisation and has been a community leader with various organisations for more than a decade. He is the President of People with Disability Australia, a leading cross disability rights organisation in Australia and is a member of the ACT BLITS business group.

  • Todd Wright

    Hey Craig – nice blog! Loved the article on your nerdability. I am still working out how to come out to my friends and family about my massive nerd tendancies – I’m sure they suspected something years ago but I still live in fear that they will take my toys away and run an intervention if they find out.